Technical Support For Google Analytics 4 Tracking And Reporting And Ongoing Development Support.

The Opportunity

To set up and continually optimise the GA4 tracking setup across the Acorn Insurance group websites, and to help train the relevant stakeholders around GA4 and wider tracking and reporting considerations, such as consent mode.

Our Approach

Continuous Improvements To The Analytics And Reporting Setup.

Through a structured migration process from UA to GA4, and through the wider tracking implementation tool Google Tag Manager (GTM), we were able to ensure minimal disruption or gaps in reporting, ahead of UA sunsetting in July 2023. 

This ensured that we were able to carry out year-on-year reporting in GA4, in advance of UA sunsetting. We guided Acorn’s development team through the GA4 e-commerce implementation for multiple sites 8 months prior to UA sunsetting.

Additionally, the setup of a low-cost consent management platform and advanced implementation of Google’s Consent Mode, allowed us to prepare to track modelled data in GA4, approaching potential gaps in reports through cookieless tracking.

In addition to the Acorn Insurance website, we also set up GA4 tracking for 11 other websites across the group.

The Key Goals For This Were:

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Migrate all UA properties to GA4.

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Support in the setup of GA4 conversion and ecommerce tracking.

Advanced implementation of a CMP and Google’s consent mode.

The Solution

A focus on capturing user journeys, conversions and e-commerce data across all quote journeys and payment gateways across the group websites.

Our team worked collaboratively on an ongoing basis with the relevant stakeholders at Acorn Insurance to ensure that the relevant tracking is in place, from providing web development briefs, through to testing solutions on live environments. 

In addition to conversion and e-commerce tracking, we also implemented a range of UX and site speed metrics across the group websites to help provide a wider analysis of user engagement across the websites. The creation of site speed and core web vitals metrics and reports (using tools such as Looker Studio and Foo) provides benchmarks for performance against industry standards, helping to ensure that the websites meet such benchmarks and providing recommendations for further site speed optimisation opportunities.

Finally, we suggested and implemented a user behaviour tool; Microsoft Clarity (MS Clarity), allowing us to utilise AI learnings to provide quicker user insights and subsequent opportunities to optimise the websites.

The Results

A successful migration from UA and a comprehensive GA4 tracking and reporting setup across all group websites.


The work undertaken has helped to provide a comprehensive tracking and reporting setup across all group websites, utilising several tools and platforms (GA4, GTM, MS Clarity, Looker Studio, Foo). The advanced implementation of Google’s consent mode and Cookiebot will help to ensure the longer-term tracking of conversions and website traffic, where cookieless tracking will prevail.

Core Metrics & Stats

Measuring Success.

All results are measured through comprehensive GA4 tracking, which not only considers final conversion metrics, but also tracks key user events throughout the journey to allow us to focus our optimisation efforts where they would have the greatest impact, and modelled data to help fill the gaps in reporting where cookies cannot be tracked.

61% increase in users to the website (Feb 2024 vs Feb 2023, GA4)

5% increase in engagement rate (Feb 2024 vs Feb 2023, GA4)

88% user consent opt-in for 2023 (Cookiebot)

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