Delivering A 36.1% Increase In Revenue YoY

Splitting sites to reflect target audiences delivers powerful results.

The Opportunity

Conveying Bespoke Messaging To Each Market Increases Relevancy.

Our Approach

Understanding Audiences And Listening To What They Want.

Through research into Archwood’s business offering and understanding their target markets, it became clear that a trade-focused and consumer-focused version of their websites (for both Atkinson and Kirby – a flooring manufacturer, and Richard Burbidge – a stair parts manufacturer) was required to allow us to use targeted messaging for each type of customer. 

Over a long period of time, a case was built using data and market insights to confirm that breaking the current brand sites into two – to cater for a trade and consumer audience respectively – was the right approach.

The Key Goals For This Were Identified As:

Improve conversion rates for e-commerce and lead-generation

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More relevant messaging for each market

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By widening out the appeal for each market, increasing sessions and brand visibility

The Solution

Two Become Four - A Dedicated Site For Each Type Of Customer.

Following the research phase, we agreed on splitting each business site into two versions to cater for B2B and B2C audiences. Care was taken to keep each site looking familiar and easy to use, but cater specific messaging to each audience due to their very different needs. With Specific features needed for each, CMS considerations to enable content sharing and complex e-commerce integrations to bear in mind, a solid plan was made to complete the project.

Following the planning stage, our project team was deployed to make the idea a reality. Our development team retrofitted each business site to allow for two versions to be made available depending on the target market. Bringing in the CRO and SEO teams, we ensured that each site remained optimised and easy to use (and crucially, to convert users into customers) and our SEO efforts allowed the right user types to find the right site for them. Launch was smooth and the updated websites now deliver solid results for the client.

The Results

In The first quarter after launch, Sessions Increased By 49.3% And Revenue Across All Sites Increased By 36.1% YoY.


Carefully unpicking two complex websites, and launching four streamlined, heavily optimised sites instead.

The key aim for the project was to carefully ‘unpick’ the two existing brand sites (for Atkinson & Kirby and Richard Burbidge respectively) into trade and consumer-facing websites, allowing the client to target each audience more specifically in their digital marketing strategy.

We needed to split the two websites into four, ensuring that each site has a clear, streamlined user journey for its respective audience. This included ring fencing the e-commerce and shop functionality to the trade sites only – as trade consumers can purchase online – whilst repositioning the consumer-facing sites to be more inspirational, and instead direct consumer audiences towards conversion points such as finding a stockist or an installer.

Core Metrics & Stats.

Measuring Success.

The targets outlined at the beginning of the project were all about putting the client’s digital marketing strategy in the best possible position to deliver success. This project was very much geared around providing clear, streamlined websites for each respective audience, which the digital marketing team could then make use of.

As such, our target was to ‘unpick’ the site’s complex functionality smoothly, with an aim to increase site traffic, maintain – or increase – conversion rates, and in turn generate more enquiries for each brand.

Sessions increased by 49.13%.

Increased brochure downloads by 32.5%.

Design Consultation requests increased by 300%.

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