An In-Depth Program Of User Testing And UX Optimisation.

The Opportunity

Finding Clarity For Panasonic Connect Europe Through Their Audience’s Behaviour & Needs.

Our Approach

A Data-Led Workflow To Break Down Site Barriers.

Through initial Discovery work, our research team used existing data to identify robust KPI’s for future performance on the Pansonic Connect Europe website.

We then identified the most popular user journeys through the website for investigation through user testing.

This user testing study allowed us to identify multiple areas for optimisation on the site, improving UX and increasing conversion rate for the core goals.

The Key Goals For This Were:

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Improve sitewide conversion rate.

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Improve lead-generation conversion rate.

Improve engagement rate of the site.

The Solution

An Insightful Study Of User-Testing And User Behaviour Analysis.

Following the discovery phase, we conducted a series of moderated user tests across different user journeys, allowing us to gain first-hand knowledge and insight into key areas of the site that can be optimised for UX & conversion.

In addition to this, we utilised user recordings and heatmaps to provide additional insight into user behaviour, engagement and barriers to conversion – allowing us to provide recommendations to optimise accordingly.

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