Bella’s Work Experience at Uplift

March 7, 2024

Written by:

Fay Burrows

As soon as I got to the Uplift office, I felt immediately welcome and was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm from the Uplift team. My experience here has been filled with a variety of learning opportunities and skill-building tasks. Let me take you through my two-week adventure at Uplift, where I delved into the realms of UX research, design, and performance creative

Week 1: Immersion into UX

My journey kicked off with introductions to key members of the team, where I learnt about their areas of specialism from Conversion Rate Optimisation to UX design. 

I delved into the world of UX design with Hayley. Together, we outlined a schedule that would encompass various tasks aimed at enhancing my skills in competitor research, auditing websites and coming up with wireframes and designs.

I spent time with Theo and Sarita who provided me with an invaluable insight into UX research methodologies, testing and CRO. In addition, Rhod took the time to guide me through the intricacies of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and how we can analyse user behaviour to inform digital strategies across the Clicky Group clients. 

One of the highlights of the week was conducting a comprehensive audit of a client’s website, and developing a wireframe to incorporate my recommendations. This task allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from my one-on-one sessions to real-world scenarios. Upon completing the audit, I presented my findings to Hayley,  receiving constructive feedback that further honed my analytical abilities.

Week 2: Exploring Performance Creativity

The second week of my journey at Uplift was dedicated to exploring the realm of performance creative with Georgia. She introduced me to the components needed to create compelling creative to drive engagement and conversions.

During this week, I had the opportunity to work on developing social ad ideas for some clients, I presented my completed tasks to Georgia, incorporating her feedback to refine my designs further. One of the highlights of the week was getting involved with a webinar hosted by Georgia and Media Trust, where Georgia shared her insights into content strategies and best practices for TikTok with a range of charities. 

The week finished with a well-needed team lunch at the Brewhouse & Kitchen, providing an opportunity to bond with my colleagues and reflect on the insightful experiences of the past two weeks.


My time at Uplift has been nothing short of enriching, each day presented new challenges and learning opportunities. The nurturing environment fostered by the team members has enabled me to expand my skill set and grow both personally and professionally. As I say goodbye to Uplift, I leave with the experiences and knowledge that will undoubtedly shape my future in the realm of digital innovation and creativity.

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