What we do

Google Analytics 4 Support.

Following on from Universal Analytics (UA) sunsetting in July 2023, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is now the go-to analytics platform for measuring and reporting on your website’s performance.

Uplift can help you to learn and navigate the platform, and to customise your tracking and reporting to meet your needs and inform your business and marketing decisions.

What is GA4 support?

How Uplift Can Support You To Make Better Use Of Your Data.

We help to customise GA4 tracking and reporting builds, and train our clients to meet their specific requirements in GA.

This allows us to ​empower key stakeholders across your business to use the analytics data to make strategic and commercial decisions moving forward.

Our Approach

Areas we support clients with.

Analytics Audits.

In order to ensure that GA4 tracking is setup to fully support your business needs, we can undertake an audit looking at the existing implementation and account setup, identifying opportunities to update the tracking to allow for a greater understanding of user behaviour on your website or app.

Tracking Builds.

We can set up GA4 tracking for your site, customised to meet the specific needs of your business. We can build and implement this tracking in the platform and on your site, or we can provide you with briefs as to how the relevant tracking updates can be made, for your own developers to implement.

Live Reporting Dashboards.

Having automated live dashboards can help to reduce your time spent in GA4 or other platforms, providing you with a one stop location to regularly review your website performance against key metrics. These reports can be customised to report on the metrics that matter most to you and your team, and can also feed in additional data from other sources you may use.


Depending on your existing experience in UA, GA4 and other platforms, we can provide you with training ranging from the theory behind different reports and data collection methods, through to creating custom reports and advanced analysis.

The Benefits

How Uplift's analytics support can help you.

Trust in your data and confidence in the GA4 platform.

Be confident in how to use GA4 and understand how it gathers data, allowing you to make data-led, intelligent, decisions.

Reduce the time spent reviewing your analytics.

By customising the GA4 platform, the events, and the conversions being tracked in a bespoke setup, we ensure that the platform is measuring and highlighting the reports most relevant to you.

One stop dashboards for regular reporting.

The creation of dashboards in GA4 and automated reporting solutions (such as Google’s Looker Studio) provide one stop dashboards to measure the key metrics for your business. This not only saves you time in analysis, but empowers you to easily share key results with wider stakeholders.

Our Process

How We Work

Through collaboration with our clients and undertaking audits of the relevant platforms and reports, we use a structured process to ensure that any tracking updates or new builds meet our clients’ reporting requirements to help inform business and wider marketing mix decisions.

Whether you have no tracking in place, lack confidence in the data being collected, or just want to know how to find the information that’s most important to you, Uplift can help.

The Latest

News & Insights.

Got A Question?

Got a question?

We’ve aimed to provide some answers to the popular questions we often get asked about our services. We’re happy to help provide further information and valuable insights that can assist you in making and informed decision about getting the most out of your experience with us.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do get in touch.

What CMS Do You Use When Building Websites?

While we can work in a range of different content management systems (CMS) the majority of the websites we build at Uplift are in WordPress, so all of our developers are specialists with the CMS and can create outstanding digital experiences using it.

WordPress is one of the most ubiquitous, well-supported, and well-known CMS options available.

As of 2023, 45% of all websites on the internet were built in WordPress.

Its friendly user interface, SEO-friendly architecture and vast integration capabilities mean it can be used to create almost anything we require.


What do you mean by CRO and UX?

To simplify things, conversion rate optimisation (or CRO) is the process of improving a website to increase the percentage of visitors who take action. That action might be purchasing a product or completing a form. For us, CRO is the ongoing practice of continually improving your website to convert more of your traffic.

You could then say that User Experience (UX) is the methodology or approach we employ in our work. We believe in user-centered design and development, that converts more users by making their journey easier, and more streamlined. We believe that by making the journey easier for users, we’ll convert more of them.

There’s a whole lot that goes into it, but that’s a top-level definition of both!


What makes Uplift different?

Here at Uplift, we’ve built a team of the most incredible, experienced, award-winning designers, developers, and strategists. Our team have produced and optimised hundreds of websites for sector-leading brands across a wide range of markets.

We’ll never be the cheapest agency in the pitch, but we’re the agency that will actually deliver the results we promise you – that’s why we put them front and centre.


What ROI can clients expect?

The results we deliver for our clients are everything. We work towards a small number of “hero metrics,” that measure our performance for all clients, and we have these everywhere. They’re on our site, in our presentations, even on the screens around the office. They keep us focused on what our clients care about – and what we should be focused on.

Across 2023 these metrics were:

  • An average conversion rate increase across clients of +91%.
  • An average revenue growth across eCommerce clients of +83%.
  • Over £3m revenue increase across our clients (revenue uplift that is directly attributable to delivered conversion rate improvement).

We know that other agencies will no doubt promise you greater, but we’re the agency that will actually deliver these results.

How do Uplift work alongside an internal team or other third parties?

Here at Uplift, we have our own award-winning team of designers, developers, and strategists.

However, for the majority of our clients we’ll be working in conjunction with in-house teams they might have internally, or existing agencies or partners.

We see ourselves as an extension of your team – the CRO voice around the table – and we can work with you to understand the role you’d like us to play.

For some clients, that might mean leading on the strategy and design, before handing over designs to an in-house development team. For others it might mean working in conjunction with an in-house design team, before we pick up the development.

We believe in a transparent and open partnership, and we’ll work with you to understand how we can best deliver results.

How can we begin?

If you’re interested in conducting a CRO strategy on your website, you can have us conduct a free audit of your site – so you can see the improvements we’d suggest if we were to partner together.

Alternatively, if you have a new website project you’d like us to work on, you can get in touch via this form, and a member of our team will come back to you as soon as possible.