How We Utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) At Uplift.

June 19, 2023
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Written by:

Theo Coulter, UX Research Assistant

AI is the talk of the town these days, many organisations are turning to AI to drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

AI now plays a huge role in the digital world, and many of the team here at Uplift are quickly realising the benefits of AI-driven technologies. With the ability to help streamline processes and support in making more data driven decisions, the implementation has been a real game changer for our productivity.

We asked around the agency to get an insight into how different members of the team utilise AI during their day to day work.

The common tool that kept cropping up was the use of ChatGPT, which seemed to be used for a wide range of different aspects: enhancing creativity, market research, ad copy, keyword search, troubleshooting bugs, note taking and conducting industry analysis. One use we did like was to get ChatGPT to write your spreadsheet formulas!

Basically, ChatGPT has allowed us to automate time consuming tasks, analyse large data sets for insights and optimise marketing campaigns in a very efficient way – freeing up manual hours that can be used to focus on creative and strategic initiatives.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is another key AI tool used by us marketers – GA4 collects both website and app data to allow us to better understand the customer journey using event based data providing rich customer insights that help us improve websites accordingly. Its new data-driven AI “Insights” panel helps bring key considerations to the team, right at the top of the platform . Just remember to switch to GA4 by July 1st!

From a creative aspect, our team uses 3M VAS, which is a Visual Attention Software that uses AI to predict how a user may view your site or a design. It highlights what is attracting or distracting their attention. It will take into consideration the first 3-5 second glance a user has when they look at something – a great tool to use in early design stages to see whether users are viewing and interacting with your designs in the way you intended them to – from this data, we can amend sites to maximise performance.

And the list goes on…

  • Github Copilot is used to autocomplete snippets of code,

  • Screpy automates checking some of the technical SEO fundamentals of our sites,

  • Jasper helps with content ideation,

  • Monica Chrome Extension is used to aid with writing long pieces of content.

  • We use Algolia on client sites to help optimise search result listing, ensuring clients are always seeing the right product at the right time.

In addition, the recent AI integration with Framer has truly blown us away! After typing a short brief, Framer can now begin constructing an initial design for your website in just a few seconds, before building out all of the functionality in the background. Incredible! Did you know our own Uplift site is built in Framer?

In conclusion, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) at Uplift has revolutionised the industry. AI enables agencies like us to analyse vast amounts of consumer data in real time, resulting in highly targeted and personalised marketing strategies. It also streamlines content creation and optimises advertising campaigns, leading to improved customer engagement and ROI. AI-powered chatbots enhance customer interactions and support. With AI, digital marketing agencies are empowered to deliver exceptional results in a competitive marketplace and this is only the beginning.

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