Sell Outs For Both The Burner And Chopper Pre-Orders.

A new microsite to celebrate the heritage of Raleigh and to help with the promotion of the new Burner and Chopper bikes.

The Opportunity

Celebrating The Heritage Of Raleigh And A Place To Promote New Retro Bike Releases.

Our Approach

A Collaborative Approach To Planning.

Working closely with the team at Raleigh, our UX team planned out the best solution to showcase the range of retro Raleigh bikes and promote new releases.

We wanted the site to be as creative and engaging as possible for the devoted retro fans.

The Key Goals For This Were Identified As:

Promote and encourage sales of the new bikes.

Encourage email newsletter sign ups.

rocket icon

Deliver an exciting and engaging site for retro fans.

The Solution

A Creative And Engaging Website.

Following the planning stage, our UX team went away and designed and developed page templates for the new microsite.

Our team created a website that had a creative retro feel to it which would feel nostalgic to the audience.

We wanted users to be provided with a really exciting user experience and across the site we included interactive elements such as the timeline of bikes and Hall of Fame images, for the users to engage with.

The Results

A Huge Uptake In Sign Ups To The Retro Raleigh Newsletter.


Raleigh had really positive feedback from fans and many users were willing to sign up for the newsletter as well as submit content to their Hall of Fame gallery page.

The site was used as a promotion tool for the new release of the new Burner and Chopper bikes and both bikes sold out within a few hours of going on pre-sale!

Core Metrics & Stats.

Measuring Success.

A microsite that brought in results.

During the planning phase, we set ourselves three goals that were taken into consideration throughout the project.

We wanted to deliver an exciting and engaging site for the audience that would encourage newsletter sign-up and promote the release of new bikes.

The new site was a success and the client was ecstatic.

New bike pre-sales sold out within hours.

15K page views on the first day of launch.

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