Putting Ourselves In Our User’s Shoes.

User journey testing to gain valuable insights to further enhance and optimise the Select Property website.

The Opportunity

Finding Clarity In Audience Behaviour And Needs.

Our Approach

A True Example Of Empathising With The Business’ Audience.

The initial discovery phase was kicked off by sourcing relevant users to test through extensive audience persona creation, using data from existing site users and converters, we were able to create specific personas that we could use for participant recruitment.

The Key Goals For This Were Identified As:

Understand key audiences needs and behaviours.

Deliver an outstanding on-site user experience to suit these needs.

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Improve conversion rate by tailoring the site.

The Solution

An Insightful Series Of Tests.

Following the research phase, we successfully identified four individuals representing “typical” UK users and two individuals representing “typical” UAE users based on audience personas. We conducted 30-minute sessions with each participant, during which they explored the Select Property website, where they provided their impressions and positive and negative feedback. All interactions were recorded, and detailed notes were taken to capture their experiences on the site, providing valuable insights for improvement..

The Results

Valuable Feedback Obtained


The testing sessions provided a significant amount of insightful primary data that allowed us to optimise the site to suit our target audiences. The output of this research led to several immediate bug fixes and the development of a 6-month A/B testing roadmap.

Core Metrics & Stats.

Measuring Success.

Delivering against our agreed objectives.

At the project outset, we set three clear objectives and focus areas for the project – we wanted to fully understand the business’ audience, their needs, and enhance the site based on these factors. 

7 distinct, in-depth audience personas created.

5+ initial bugs identified and resolved.

Plus additional recommendations/insights uncovered as a result of the tests which formed the basis of our ongoing CRO strategy.

6 users tested.

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