An Interactive Microsite To Support The Launch Of The Almada E-Bike Carrier

A microsite to showcase the new features and design of the Almada Work-E Bike Carrier

The Opportunity

Encouraging Users To Purchase The New Almada Work E-Bike Carrier

Our Approach

A Collaborative Planning Session

After a planning session with the client to understand the key features and design of the new carrier, our UX design team went ahead and designed the microsite in a way that would highlight these features in a visual way and encourage users to purchase online or go in store.

The Key Goals For This Were Identified As:

Encourage clicks through to the ‘Store Locator’ page.

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Deliver an outstanding and engaging user experience.

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An highly creative approach that showcases the product features.

The Solution

A Creative And Interactive Microsite 

Our UX team designed and built a show-stopping microsite using the XLC slick brand, imagery and animation to highlight the features and design of the new bike carrier. 

The microsite provides the user with an engaging experience, providing them with all the information they need to make a purchase decision. Throughout the site there are opportunities for the user to buy online or use the store locator to purchase in store.

The Results

A Microsite With High Engagement Rates


XLC were delighted with the final microsite and how it showcased their brand and product. In the first month of the site going live we saw a high engagement rate with people spending a good amount of time spent on the site and a good percentage of these completing some form of action.


Core Metrics & Stats.

Measuring Success.

We were delighted that we saw good results for all the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of the project, which were to encourage clicks through to the ‘Store Locator’ page, deliver an outstanding and engaging user experience and produce a highly creative microsite that showcases the product features.

27% of sessions in the first month result in users taking an action.

Engagement rate of almost 63%.

Users spending an average time of 1 minute 24 seconds on the site.

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