A People-Centric Microsite To Celebrate Yelp’s Culture

Engaging Yelp employees around the globe with a Culture-driven microsite.

The Opportunity

Crafting A Dedicated Microsite To Showcase Yelp’s Company Culture 

Our Approach

A Collaborative And Iterative Approach To Work

Uplift worked with Yelp on a microsite designed to highlight its incredible culture. From setting up charities that give back to looking after their workers and championing inclusivity, Yelp’s culture deserved to be shouted about on its own website.

Our UX team worked collaboratively with Yelp to craft a site that showcased their culture effectively – blending brand storytelling with seamless user experience.

The Key Goals For This Were Identified As:

Highlight multiple areas of Yelp’s culture, including employee diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and social impact.

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Engage employees through eye-catching design and a considered user journey.

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Allow the team at Yelp to edit and manage the site efficiently as they wish.

The Solution

Identifying Opportunities For The Tribe Project To Establish Their Brand And Reach More People

A small site to make a big impact

Our strategy team began by mapping out the optimal user journey and module inclusions for each page. Following the initial planning, our design team created a look and feel that was backed by best practice as well as on-brand.

To ensure the site matches the Yelp brand identity, our dev team utilised existing modular elements from other Yelp sites where possible. By leveraging this existing code base, we were able to reduce the time needed in development, prioritising designing the elements to fit the needs of the Yelp culture team and reducing project time.

The Results

Reaching Yelp Employees All Over The World


We built the microsite in WordPress, which allowed the Yelp team to manage, add and update content smoothly and efficiently. 

Ease-of-use was of optimal importance to us, so the site was created through a modular build, where modules were built into predefined page templates. Yelp’s team is able to work with the defined pages, while having the flexibility to include or adapt modules if they’d like.

Core Metrics & Stats.

Measuring Success.

Success for this project was determined by the translation of the internal brand team’s designs into a digital environment, as well as the ease-of-use of the platform for the client’s internal team.

Promoted Yelp's internal culture and capabilities in a new and interactive way.

Reflected the internal Yelp brand, as designed by the client, in a responsive digital-first platform.

Delivered a fully editable and scalable solution for use by the client long-term.

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