Delivering A Healthy Conversion Rate.

Uplift worked with YorkTest to establish their digital presence and help solidify their position as a market leader, whilst continuing to grow sales and revenue for key products.

Uplift were YorkTest's complete digital solution - spanning marketing and web. 

Our Approach

An Ongoing CRO Programme Designed To Create A Best-In-Class Digital Experience.

We supported YorkTest in the conducting of in-person audience research sessions. Through these, we were able to fully understand the audiences who are likely to be researching allergies or intolerances online, and what part the solution – a home health test – can play in their diagnosis and lifestyle.

Rather than lead with a particular demographic or audience, we started from scratch and placed our focus upon their experiences and needs. We were then able to draw insights at an audience and demographic level, learning how different audiences would respond to different claims, messages, or content.

The CRO strategy itself was one of “big, notable improvements”. Our focus revolved around a smaller number of large-scale tests that could deliver the “big jumps” in conversion rate required. The mantra echoed was always “what is the one single thing we can do for our users – regardless of time – to make this as easy as possible?”

Following the user testing sessions, we complemented our research with data from tools such as video recordings from MouseFlow, heatmaps and click maps Crazy Egg. We then presented our findings to YorkTest, highlighting the large-scale changes and projects we wanted to plan, research, test and implement:

  • Implementation of social proof into the website, eg TrustPilot.
  • Full site UX copywriting exercise.
  • New product photography.
  • Tools to educate new, upper-funnel users about intolerance testing, eg graphics.
  • A new basket and checkout.
  • The introduction of “product bundles” to increase AOV.
  • A simpler and cohesive approach to on-site promotions.
  • New product detail pages with automated, intelligent micro-prompts.
  • A new, clean navigation, helping to move the user further down the funnel whilst educating.
  • An improved flexible homepage for sale and non-sale periods.


Our UX Researchers worked closely with our Design team to tackle an item, creating wireframes of each proposed solution, which we would test internally before creating final designs.

After the variants had been built by our Development team, we A/B tested each change. During this build and test period, our UX and Design team would be working on the next agreed change.

This staggered sprint methodology meant that we were able to plan, test, and implement 10, large-scale improvements in a shorter period of time.

Measuring Success

The continued success of this CRO strategy is a reflection of the dedication and expertise of our team, but also the truly collaborative partnership between client and agency.

The Uplift team spent time in the Yorktest laboratories to understand the intricacies of the industry. It was from this robust understanding that we were able to tailor the website to deliver the best possible solution for our target audiences.

Conversion rate increased by 374% within the first year of working together.

Transactions increased by 114%.

Revenue increased YoY by 78.6%

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